Winner of the 2009 Ohioana Book Award

“A fantastic summer read. . . . Giffels recounts his battle -- against rodents, unbridled wisteria, and other unpleasant surprises -- to make a decrepit Gatsby-esque mansion livable.”
        — O, the Oprah Magazine, at Home

“Sweet and funny ... the story of the Giffelses and the falling down house is as romantic as they come, tied up with not just the love of a house, but the love of a city.”
        — New York Times

“(A) truly wonderful book. ... The author’s insight is so great and so full of heart and cheer that he may make readers want a little more of this driven nature in their own lives. ... (A) soulful, funny tale.”
        — Los Angeles Times

“The details of ruin are delicious. … All the Way Home is not only a chronicle of this renovation but also an homage to Akron, Ohio, and an affirmation of his place in it.”
        — Washington Post Book World

“David Giffels offers a poignant yet hilarious account of his experience as a new husband, would-be father, and obsessed home fixer-upper.”
        — Parade

“(The book) everyone should be talking about. It’s an old story, this memoir, All the Way Home. But Giffels breathes new life into the convention.”

“Great memoirs tend to be stranger than fiction, and David Giffels’ riotous recollection of human willpower versus decaying architecture, contemptible rodents, and one stubborn octogenarian is no exception. An utterly unforgettable chapter in one young man’s life.”
        — Book Sense (A Book Sense Pick, June 2008)

“You know that old ramshackle house you love so much … the one you’re thinking about saving yourself if no on else does? Well before you go ahead and do something crazy, be sure and read David Giffels’ excellent book.”
        — This Old House Magazine

“A delight. … How the Giffelses come to buy this ‘absurd, stupendous place’ for just $65,000 is a suspenseful story in itself. … It’s a pleasure to follow the author around the side and across the only working threshold. … His memoir turns into a coming-of-age story, flecked with Dave Eggers-like bravado.”
        — Cleveland Plain Dealer

“(T)he beautifully written story of a family struggling to overcome not only termites and dry rot, but unexpected tragedy as well. At times laugh-out-loud funny, at times tearfully poignant, All the Way Home is a compelling, deeply rewarding journey through a family, a house and a home.”
        — BookPage

“A funny, painful, engaging cautionary tale, warmly recommended.”
        — Library Journal

“The story is filled with candor, wit, self-reflection and slapstick comedy.”
        — Canton Repository

“What David Giffels makes you believe in All the Way Home: Building a Family In a Falling-down House is that an abandoned villa in Akron, Ohio, could be tantalizingly within reach, and that you might be insane enough to want to jump in and fix it. … His brisk tone, full of brio and self-deprecation, and the bold task that he sets himself make this makeover an enjoyable ride.”
        — Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“This absolutely lovely book is an intimate, funny, heart-warming and heart-breaking memoir. This is so well written; it’s a keeper.”
        — Kent Record-Courier

“If you laugh out loud at The Money Pit when it’s aired on TV, check out this one.”
        — Sacramento Bee

“The author’s endearing writing keeps the book from being just another one of those Mr. Blandings/Money Pit stories. By portraying himself as a well-meaning stumblebum, the hero of his own sitcom-like story, Giffels makes us laugh all the way through.”
        — BookList

“A compelling, funny and sometimes heartbreaking study in family dynamics as well as commitment (or obsession), and a fine romance between a young couple. … Giffels writes with lyricism and honesty.”
        — Northern Ohio Live

“An insightful wordsmith through and through. … Giffels details his “Building a Family in a Falling-down House” with gaiety, youthful wisdom and heart-wrenching honesty. … Giffels does it all with enduring grandeur.”
        — Cool Cleveland

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